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Ingredients: – One X server running on the machine in front of you. (Think of an X server as a virtual video monitor with thousands of input jacks and the remote applications as different video sources) – One OpenSSH server on the system you are connecting to, that must be configured to (tunnel) forward X […]

Any of us who are familiar with OpenSSH assume that everyone who wants to use it knows how to. But every day, there is some new thing about it that we learn and there are plenty of people who know little about it. I am hoping to share some of what I consider to be […]

The Scenario: You’re on a system with a much older version of NIX on it than you should be using. In the middle of doing your work, you find the certain utilities are missing, or are old enough that they have some key features missing. What do you do? Tell your boss the system sucks, […]

Enter Commercial Xen (VirtualIron): Last year, I was planning a migration away from a mail system I wasn’t happy with to the Zimbra groupware system (which looks and works great). However, I really wanted nearly unstoppable uptime even in the event of hardware failure. I knew that Xen’s live migration capability would offer me that. […]

A Little Xen: This blog entry is going to be a bit long. You’ve been warned. 🙂 I’ve been using virtualization on x86 hardware since 1997/98 when I got my first copy of VMWare Workstation. I used PC emulators before on other platforms, but I could tell this was different. The performance was infinitely better […]

A few months ago I was looking around for some info on the GNU Image Manipulation Program (aka GIMP) and I discovered this product called “Aviary“. It’s a suite of web based applications built on Flash. After exploring the site a bit I discovered that the Aviary is actually a pretty large quite of applications […]

Starting off with a large dose of honesty: At the behest of a web-head friend of mine, I’ve started this experiment in Web 2.0-ism. This blog is meant to be the real me. Well… within reason. There are things I can’t do or express here since this is supposed to be my professional image, so […]