Democrats: Don’t Guilt Trip Your Supporters


Public note to all Democrat politicians. If you want my support both in the voting booth and through donations, DO NOT force me to donate to a cause I support through guilt. Today I saw what looked like a petition to support Planned Parenthood which my family already contribute to directly. I was happy to put my name out there because I support the health care access and contraception that Planned Parenthood provides to those who need it, and I am pro-choice.

I was VERY DISAPPOINTED that the web site supporting @SenGillibrand and her pro-Planned Parenthood stance appeared to REQUIRE a donation just to voice my support. It could be poor web design, but not knowing who Kristen Gillibrand is, I needed to do some research. That research led me to the conclusion that this is very much intentional as she is a Blue Dog Democrat (read: fiscally conservative centrist which in my book is a Reagan era Republican).

Yes, she could support something I believe in, but given the requirement of a contribution to even be allowed into the party, and her apparent flexibility in moral alignment based on her past actions, I have strong reservations. In my view, Democrats who are flexible lack the backbone needed to do what is necessary to strengthen the left at this point. It is one thing to reach across the aisle to work with your opponents. It is entirely something else to change your view based on who you hope will vote for you. (If Trump is like president Snow from The Hunger Games, any Democrat who changes views to court voters may as well be Coin.)

In spite of that, if the donation to Gillibrand is required I could be accept it if the act of not donating wasn’t taken to be such flippant disregard for the cause.  Must the statement requiring the donation be so horribly worded? See for yourself; below is the option to select if you aren’t able or willing to donate money to Gillibrand in support of Planned Parenthood:

“No, I don’t care about stopping Trump’s anti-women agenda.”

Wow. Really? That’s assigning a whole lot of attributes to a potential backer that are incorrectly assumed. Please rethink that if you don’t want to alienate people who might support you.

As I said, my family currently donates and will continue to donate a good deal of money directly to Planned Parenthood and many other causes that Trump is poised to try and destroy. Gillibrand would have gotten my signature on that petition if it weren’t for the guilt trip. But this is exactly the sort of posturing and behavior within the modern Democrats that I’ve come to expect and it leaves me disgusted with all politicians.

Not all Dems are like this, and I’ll give Gillibrand the benefit of the doubt that this was just a design oversight rather than the desperate and vicious money grab that it looks like. Hopefully I have her completely wrong and she will work at getting that wording changed.


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