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Well… I installed and tried 360 Desktop on my Windows 7 system. Cute, but useless in terms of improving the UI. All it does is pan a panoramic photo on your desktop. You have the option of having desktop icons and application windows stay “pinned” to that wallpaper, or you can individually keep icons/windows in […]

Well that was a long break!  I’m going to give my blog another try and see if I can keep it going a bit better this time.  Sorry for that loooong intermission.  🙂 Being someone who believes in using technology to make life better, one area that’s always interested me is human/machine interaction.  It’s a […]

A few months ago I was looking around for some info on the GNU Image Manipulation Program (aka GIMP) and I discovered this product called “Aviary“. It’s a suite of web based applications built on Flash. After exploring the site a bit I discovered that the Aviary is actually a pretty large quite of applications […]